Ubuntu Touch Challenge Day 0

20131126_000645Some of you knew this was going to happen and those who didn’t know probably expected it anyway, it seems like a logical next step for this blog. The installation process of Ubuntu Saucy A.K.A Ubuntu Touch 1.0 was fairly easy but I can see how it could seem a little intimidating for someone who is not familiar with Linux command line interface. I didn’t have too much time to play with Ubuntu today, at least not through the touch screen. I spend a lot of time connected to my phone through SSH trying to update my contacts, there seems to be some contradicting statements as to what formats work and what don’t out there so eventually I have just given up on getting my contacts from a vcf file and settled on syncing it with my google account. I thought it was kinda odd that there is no mention of getting your contacts from a SIM card though. So tomorrow I can start proper testing and see how Ubuntu handles itself as a daily driver device.

As far as this project goes it will work the same way as it did with Firefox, I will use Ubuntu as my daily driver for 30 days and report my findings here. I will also develop a simple application and try to get it in the Software Centre witch seems to be kind of non existing at the moment on Ubuntu. This time I will try my best to not go longer than three days without a post.

5 thoughts on “Ubuntu Touch Challenge Day 0

  1. When you mention the Software Centre what are you really refering to?? There is not a Software Centre perse in the phone but applications can be installed via the click-scope. That means that applications that are not present in the phone will appear if you search for them in the Application Scopes.

    We are working to suppoer paid applications at the moment :).

  2. The “Software Center” on the phone is built into the Applications lens of the Dash. Just below your installed apps is a section called “More suggestions” that lists the apps available to install. When you submit your app to the store (publishing instructions here), it will show up there on the Dash for all Ubuntu phone users.

    1. Thanks, that’s really helpful. I suspected that the More Suggestions thing is the way to install packages but I thought this can’t be all of them

      1. There are currently about 140 apps available to install, I don’t know if they’re all displayed in the More Suggestions (though I believe they are). The next release will also allow filtering by category on the Applications lens, including the store results, so that will make it easier to find the kind of app you’re interested in.

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