Day 1: Edges, swiping and karma

Karma Machine

One of the selling points of Ubuntu Touch is the gesture based user interface and I must admit it is pretty cool, a swipe from any edge of the phone gives you instant access to different features. If you are not familiar with this idea here’s a video that explains it very well. I think it’s going to take me a couple of days before I will get used to it but after one day I must say I am starting to like it. On the very beginning though all the swiping was a source of frustration, for several reasons. For one, it is pretty obvious that it needs a lot of tweaking, this morning after I put my phone in the rubber case I usually keep it on I noticed that since the case covers the edges of the the phone swiping from left and right didn’t work very well. In order to make it work often I have to just push the case out a bit and then swipe to get to the icon dock or to switch between running apps. Sometimes even without the cover I had to swipe a couple of times before Ubuntu would do anything. Another reason why this is annoying is the fact that it does take some time to get used to it, even though I know I’m supposed to swipe quite a few times I looked at the screen confused by the lack of buttons to tap. It wasn’t until I tried an app called Karma Machine that I realized that maybe it’s worth to spend the time to get used to Ubuntu’s UI. Karma Machine is a Reddit client in which you swipe a comment or post from the left to upvote it or from the right to downvote. So now I could have Messaging app and Karma Machine running simultaneously on my phone, I could respond to a text message and then swipe from the left edge to bring up Reddit and swipe left and right to to up and down vote comments in a thread and when I get a text I swipe from the left edge again to bring up Messaging. This creates a great, seamless user experience and I hope more developers will realize that and include swiping in the design of their applications for Ubuntu.

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  1. Hey it’s my app! I’m glad you like karma machine :) I’m in the process of polishing it and adding new features, feel free to make any suggestions.

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