Day 7: Fairly normal use

I got trusty to work and now finally I got a few days of normal, relatively stable use. I’m saying relatively stable because I had apps crashing several times a day, and it wouldn’t bother me that much if Ubuntu would recognize the fact that something has crashed and kill it and/or restart it automatically. Instead, if for example the Messages app crashes when you turn the screen off, and then turn it on again to read the new message you got the process will be still there preventing you from viewing your messages or starting the app again until you kill it manually. It’s annoying and not because applications are crashing, that’s just part of the development process, it’s annoying because often the issue could be resolved while the phone is in my pocket and without me even knowing.

Otherwise it’s been fairly normal for the past few days. I’ve been making calls, sending text messages and getting high scores in Falling Blocks and realizing how boring Ubuntu is right now. None of the big, selling point features are available yet. Playing in terminal with all the commands that I’m used to using on a desktop is strangely satisfying though. Tomorrow I should have some more time to write so I’ll talk a bit about core apps.

3 thoughts on “Day 7: Fairly normal use

  1. Hi Artur, really interesting reading!

    I’m very intrigued by Ubuntu Touch, and I’m looking at picking up a Nexus 4 to test it out on. Is that what hardware you are running it on?

    Having a terminal sounds awesome. For me the biggest thing in UT is the convergence; have you tried plugging your phone into a screen and using a keyboard and mouse? I would think that that would make it less boring!

    Keep the posts coming!

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